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Welcome to Simple Concrete!  This website is dedicated to providing the concrete industry with educational information.  The goal is to explain a specific concept of concrete so well that it makes concrete simple to understand. Simple Concrete does this through a range of tools such as books, spreadsheetsfree online classes, and a blog

This website is broken down into the following:

Concrete Talk: a weekly blog about a variety of topics related to the concrete industry.

Free Tools: helpful contents such as spreadsheets.

Online Learning: the place to provide education about specific topics in the concrete industry.

Shopping: outline of technical briefs, books, and other contents.

Contact us: a place to inquire about topics contains within this website.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is Simple Concrete?

We are concrete freaks with a constantly burning desire to learn and use this knowledge to make concrete simple to understand and to help others succeed in a fast paced, hard-working industry. Our past experiences bring a variety of knowledge about construction practices, structural engineering design, materials engineering design, concrete materials research, and education at a university level.

Why are we called Simple Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most complicated materials used by humanity and so why do we call it simple? We feel that if you truly understand something then it becomes intuitive. Intuitive subjects or tasks are simple because we get them and know how they work. Our goal is explaining concrete so well it becomes simple.

What is the goal of Simple Concrete?

The goal of Simple Concrete is to provide the knowledge base to help educate beginners, provide practical information to growing practitioners, and give experts another perspective on the topic.  We do this with intuitive and simple ways such as technical briefs, books, provide tools, videos,  and other things.

For questions or comments, please contact us at

Tutorial of The Box Test

This video provides a general tutorial of the Box Test. More about this subject can be found at: