1st Book Release: Concrete Reports and Submittals

Simple Concrete is excited to have their 1st official book published! For more than 10 years the Authors have been searching for the best methods to present concrete topics in a simple, brief, and straight-forward manner. Their 1st book provides key information to help concrete not get rejected, to speed up the compilation of a concrete submittal, to understand materials performance in concrete, and to analyze various concrete testing reports. And the paperwork behind concrete may not sound exciting to you at first, but this book may prevent you from wasting hours of your life and possibly thousands of dollars due to misunderstanding this paperwork.  Think about if this book can save you at least a truckload of concrete, then it has paid for itself more than 15 times. CLICK HERE TO BUY


Description: The concrete industry has a variety of concrete reports. If not careful, these reports can waste a significant amount of time, energy, and possibly money. This book provides clear, concise, and practical information about different concrete reports such as a basic compressive strength report, a core report, a cement mill certification report, a petrographer’s report, a concrete mixture submittal, and many more. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Authors: Daniel Cook &  Tyler Ley

Publisher: Simple Concrete

Cost: $65  on LULU.com  CLICK HERE TO BUY

Free Preview of This book CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW


Coming Soon…

  • Concrete Materials
  • Concrete Mixture Design

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