Online Classroom

Whether a person only have a few minutes or a couple hours, Simple Concrete has different FREE online learning platforms for people to use. The Short informational videos are 2 to 5 minute long videos to discuss a specific topic within the concrete industry. Online Classroom contains typically longer videos in a classroom setting. If someone wants to leave a comment on how to make this online learning page better or would like to see a certain topic covered, please email us at

Short Informational Videos


  • The Box Test
  • The Super Air Meter
  • The Tarantula Curve

Online Classroom:

Course 1_Concrete Mixture Design (CLICK HERE TO START)

This is an example video of the online class. The topic of this video discusses on an introductory level about the fundamentals of concrete mixture design.


Course 2 Tarantula Curve

Course 3_Concrete Durability

Course 4_Aggregates